The Planet is being lost: We cannot accept this…

"Following is the statement signed against global climate change under the leadership of Ömer Madra, which includes names such as Yasar Kemal, Ara Güler, Sezen Aksu, Rakel Dink and Tarkan."

The climate is changing. 

In everywhere, in Turkey as well, of course: The scorching forest fires in the West and East, sudden floods in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the drying up of the lakes in Central Anatolia, the drought for the first time in the history of the Southeast that led to the importation of hay, the 60 percent of the groundwater that disappeared across the country in only 5 years… None of these is a coincidence or an "isolated incident". The climate is changing and this is deeply affecting every aspect and every moment of our lives, from our water to our food.

Because of the relentless plunder of natural resources, many ancient civilizations were swept from the earth in Mesopotamia, in Europe and in Central America. If we do not act now and do not change our outlook towards nature, there will be no civilization to leave to our children. We will leave them a struggle for an existence that is almost impossible to attain and an absolute desperate situation. We will have trampled on the universal moral principles and we will have spent our lives in front of short-term interests. What if they ask us? Will we say, "We have darkened your world with coal, we burn it with oil, and then we watched!"

The climate is changing; while we have solutions and time, our conscience cannot accept not taking any action. We, as ordinary people, think that it is time to change our point of view towards nature and our own unchecked selfishness. And now it's time to make peace with nature! We know that the power to perform this change is in all of our hearts.

And we know that if we fail now, everything will be finished. The game will be over. Our wars that cost the lives of tens of thousands, for example, will end in such a way that none of us can imagine. Peace will remain an endless dream. Because there is a new and different "enemy" before us – a scourge big enough to render everything else we do in life meaningless.

The climate is changing. Climate change, environmental pollution and the destruction of nature exponentially increase and deepen global and social injustice. Soil health and water purity now are the last dimensions that will show if societies can survive any longer or not... The planet warns continuously. But, if the eyes continue to remain blind and the ears deaf, we will soon learn what a major disaster this thing called vanity is. Here, for this reason, we urge all conscientious citizens to do their bit with this planet saving campaign and to share this great responsibility while there is still the opportunity for a solution. 

Before the climate changes further, let’s change and let's be part of the solution.